Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Joker Zombies

Last night I had a weird dream that was extremely vivid. I figure I'll start posting some of my more memorable dreams here. Maybe someone can figure out what they mean. I mean, I've tried, and according to I'm inches away from rooftop/rifle after last night's dream.

It begins with me entering my hotel room. I know certain things, as only you can in dreams. I know I'm on a "guys trip" somewhere and that I'm supposed to meet up with the group to go out to eat and to hit the bars. Asleep on one of those shitty, hard love seats hotels try to pass off as a couch is one of the fellas. I don't know who my roommate is, but he's asleep. I kick his foot & tell him I'm getting in the shower & that we're supposed to meet everyone soon. He's gone when I get out of the bathroom. Everything speeds up.

I'm on the street looking for my group. I can't find anyone. Sure, there are people streaming past me, but it's like they don't even see me. I notice that they're all happy and smiling. I also see that everyone is walking in the same direction; toward a movie theater. Thinking this is where all of the guys have gone, I go with the crowd. The smiling people who do not notice me are starting to bug the shit out of me.

Standing by the concession stand, watching the smiling populous stream in. One of the people trips and falls flat on their face. Like a pack of wild dogs, 5 to 6 other people pounce on their fallen comrade and start ripping them to shreds with their teeth. This is when they notice me. They look up from the corpse, blood streaming from their mouths, smiling. But it's not an ordinary smile. It's as if they are already dead. Killed by Batman's arch enemy, The Joker. Killed by smiling too much.

My last thought before waking up: "Oh, shit! Joker-Zombies!!!"

Analyze that Jung.
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